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A great family Comedy series"100 feats of Eddie Macdowd" will be interesting to watch for both children and adults. And no wonder the name of the hero in the title echoes with no less famous, because it will also be a kind of fairy tale that could happen in reality. This fantastic Comedy for two seasons tells about the harmful 17-year-old bully Eddie, who by an evil accident was turned into a dog. But before this transformation, this guy terrorized the whole neighborhood, scaring people from small to large, as well as Pets. But evil does not go unpunished, and once sent into the distance boomerang returns and hits the head. That's what happened to that obnoxious kid.One day he meets on his way of life a Vagabond, who in reality turns out to be a magician. The verdict of the magician is severe, and result in the teenager turning into a dog. But there is a way out of any situation, and the guy can regain his human form only when he can make as many as a hundred good deeds. Well, you need to correct and take up the feats. The problem is that to understand ed's in dog form, no one can, except for dogs. And the people he once hurt.With each series account of the good deeds of correct bully growing, but at the same time, he falls into a comical and unexpected situations. It is much easier to do good deeds if you have support and help. And Mcdowd finds a colleague in the person of his last victim – a teenager Justin. Did they now will become friends?

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