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The TV series has a very unusual name. It turns out that this is a great adaptation of the master of Horror Stephen king. For those who were a little interested in the history of the United States, it is known that on November 22, 1963, an unprincipled crime occurred: President John Kennedy was killed. This politician was truly a people's Deputy, he was loved for his wise rule, good deeds and significant contribution to the lives of citizens. So the day of the death of the President plunged into the horror and confusion of the inhabitants of America.The mini-series will be about Jake Epping. He taught English. One day at the diner, he was talking to his friend al Templeton. The man owns this place and opened to Jake the veil of secrecy, which hides his pantry. It turns out that there is a kind of "rabbit hole", allowing you to move in time in the sixties of the twentieth century. Al has already been there and even lived at that time for some time. The food is better, the girls are prettier. However, it dumped a serious illness, and hope for a long life is no longer necessary. He offers his friend to go back in time, to live there for three years and save the President from death. Jake hesitates at first, but then he accepts. But there is one catch: the past resists the fact that someone is trying to change it and actively resists it…

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