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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Science Fiction
The plot of the series takes place in two worlds-the future and the present. The world was infected by a deadly virus that wiped out an entire population of people in a short period of time. Only a few managed to survive, they hid in underground bunkers and founded entire cities there. Hundreds of years later, scientists were able to create a time machine, the first test of which was - Cole. He was convicted of multiple offenses, defiant behavior,and disobeying law enforcement. Becoming a test subject is his only chance to avoid the death penalty and to get rid of all charges and convictions. His task is to get into the past and at any cost to capture samples of the virus to prevent the spread of the epidemic in the future. It will be quite difficult to do this...
the Series will take us to a special world where the main character will rush between the past and the present in the hope to improve his life and save humanity from fatal mistakes. Taken all very high quality, it is clear that Jeffrey Reiner, the film's Director, invested in every frame a piece of his soul. On this project did not spare any money or time, so it's worth a look!

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