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A dynamic Turkish Thriller about family values and courage, worthy of respect, from Director SEDAR Ishik. Starring Tuba Buyukustun, Ilker Aksum.Fair justice or cruel reality? Unfortunately, often Themis is not only blind, but deaf to those who by chance or will of fate is in the dock. Police urgently need to find the culprits, but because the proceedings do not have time, and begin to fly the heads of the innocent. This story begins in a cute family where there is everything you need for a perfect life. Wealthy, young, beautiful people-father, mother, two charming children – they live a quiet life, earning an honest living. But once in their life enters sorrow. By mistake of the investigation, the woman is accused of murder, which she could not commit physically, but all attempts to justify themselves lead to nothing. So the young mother is behind bars, and her husband is trying by all means to rescue his beloved to freedom. A few months later, he actively communicates with various lawyers and spend a lot of money to prove the innocence of the wife, but to no avail. And when he realizes that justice will never take his side, the humble history teacher is completely transformed. From a quiet and non-confrontational person, our main character turns into a desperate adventurer who decides on a completely insane step-to organize a prison escape. Will the couple escape from persecution and fulfill their plans?

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