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Thunder 21 is a Montreal football team. Young athletes dream of world fame and huge fees, but for now their life consists of daily exhausting workouts. Fans see the players only during the match, and what happens behind the scenes, is known only to the guys and the coaching staff. The owner of the team Missina scored in the team of promising guys and experienced coaches, but the result does not suit her yet, and she decided to improve the performance to strengthen the composition of an unusual specialist. Christie Hooke has an indisputable authority in women's football, and is well known to the sports community. Invitation of women to coach men's team could be a great PR move. And so it happened, the media in every way replicated the news. An unpleasant surprise it was only for the head coach of Rocks.The next four months will not be easy for everyone. Newcomers came to the already established team, each of them has its own style and style of play, physical abilities and ability to resist stress. Emotions sometimes beat over the edge, the psyche can not stand, but everyone understands – the decisive season is ahead, and their task is to reach the final.

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