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In the center of the plot of the film "Eternal demoness and her black rabbit" Taito Kurogane student, he studies in the tenth grade and ready for release. The boy from childhood fond of martial arts seriously, and is very successful in this field. But karate had to leave after he was seriously injured. Taito classmates eyes never leaving a handsome guy with a sporty physique, handsome, good. Taito said that charming Haruko shows the greatest interest to him, the girl he likes, he reciprocates her sympathy. Suddenly Taito is to talk of the school board president GECK Kurenay, personality more than extraordinary suffering "star fever", imagined itself not only God knows that, in addition to an unhealthy nervous system. Such a person is in the hospital for the mentally ill, but not at school, where children learn at least this view of the surrounding GECK. Man surprised by this conversation, but seriously wondered what exactly caused interest in his person of the GECK. It turned out that the young man does not know much ... Two brothers GECK and Hinata were endowed with superhuman abilities, but they are constantly competing, and everyone wanted to get all the power in their hands. Hinata stood on the side of Evil, he did not even regretted their parents, bringing them to the victim and severely deal with them. GECK stayed true to the forces of good, but he has started some psychological disorder after suffering shocks associated with the act of a brother, the death of loved ones. Hinata was a little of the power that was, he wanted to resurrect the vampire Balskru in order to become the most powerful with it. Only the princess of vampires Saytohimee know where buried Balskru ancient vampire, but she is afraid that she may suffer. To protect themselves, the princess of vampires makes the Defender, it has become a normal human child, which is received from Himei part of its strength and power ...

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