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The famous writer and TV presenter Neil Oliver with his fascinating and exciting stories sends the viewer on an amazing journey through the prehistoric world of Britain. You will be able to see the features and learn the secrets of the Ice age 12000 BC, as well as visit the Stone age. The science fiction film is a unique work of detective and writer Neil in the archaeological field. He talks about how our ancient ancestors gradually evolved from primitive man, and how agriculture became widespread in the British territory. Throughout each series the moments which in one way or another influenced a historical course of events are shown. The presenter explores various sights and travels around Karnak, Brittany and Ireland. It glorifies in every way the cultural and spiritual component of our planet and the British people. Neil shows Britain in a completely different light, as an alien and strange world full of prehistoric mysteries and mysteries. He tells the epic story of how our land and its people happened, and then sums up his journey, ending with a period of social mobility, international trade and village life. Even today, scientists continue to explore the life of the first settlers, to study the majestic monuments, to draw Parallels between seismic phenomena and changes of eras, as well as to solve ancient puzzles.

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