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Original Title: A.N.T. Farm
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: Disney Channel
Creators: Dan Signer
Language: English
Description: The beginning of the last century in England and Ireland, and throughout the world was recognized as a time of rampant crime, the formation of gangs and groups with which the police were unable to fight. A small provincial town of Birmingham becomes the center of the tie gangster series "Peaky Blinders" with shootings, murders, blackmail and kidnappings.The decline in the economy that followed the end of world war I did not pass by the residents of the town, most of them lost their earnings, which fed their families for many decades. Amid the General chaos, the decline of welfare, manners and moral principles of the family of Shelby decides to take their destiny in their own hands and lead the bandit members form a conglomerate fast enough, powerful and merciless. Under close control gets not only private production, but also government agencies, the police prefers to close their eyes to much, in fear of an emergency massacre.Formally, the gang is headed by Arthur Shelby, the eldest brother in the family. However, Arthur is too quick-tempered, sometimes shows stupidity and decides on completely rash actions. That's why everyone to do runs in the family of Thomas, the middle brother, the man is incredibly ruthless and cunning.people called the gang "Peaky blinders," as each of its members from a huge tall man, to a teenager wore a special kind of cap on his head, which was sewn into the visors sharpened razor, or a sharp little knife. In battle, cap has become a dangerous and formidable weapon, the existence of which the enemy had not even suspected. But like all bad, or good, on the contrary, the Board of Shelby coming to an end: found out about the lawlessness perpetrated by the government sends in Birmingham an experienced detective Chester Campbell, whose task is to arrest all accused of involvement in shady operations. Starts the most difficult and bloody times, more similar to real war between law and criminals, and the power and the truth is not always on the side of the first.rnThomas has no intention of winding down his lucrative business, so he plays cat and mouse with Kembel, luring him into his many traps. Ruthless bandit, he draws in the confrontation of all family members, sometimes without thinking about the consequences of a bloody war.

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