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Popular science film"Journey to the planets" by Australian documentary filmmakers Richard Smith and Christopher Thorburn will send the viewer to an incredibly exciting tour of the neighboring planets of the vast Galaxy, which holds a lot of secrets. The space route runs from the monstrous canyons and lifeless deserts of red Mars to the brilliant rings of Saturn, consisting of pieces of ice and stones, through the magnetic fields of Jupiter. Each new series is a journey to a particular planet with its detailed description in the slightest detail. The authors of the project, using high-tech sensitive optics and modern computer graphics, managed to recreate the most accurate space landscapes and precision images of each of the visited planetoids, the temperature of which ranges from"plus 450" to"minus 170" degrees Fahrenheit. The viewer is given an exceptional opportunity to send a microcosmic postcard to relatives and friends from any asteroid visited. The proposed documentary series National Geographic will tell you what you need to take with you in a Grand exciting flight.

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