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At the core of the actions of the three monsters Ickis, Oblina and Krumm are. This visit an academy under a city dump, where they learn how people duly alarmed. In most episodes the monsters go then to the surface of the dump to apply in practice what they have learned to spread particularly spectacular terror. After they have done this they transfer these actions by thoughts projection to their classmates. The choleric head teacher and director of the Academy Gromble acts mostly as adversaries of three young monsters.    is prominent in the series, that whatever view people as disgusting or ugly, when the monsters is good. This food waste or other things slimy Consistent. In contrast, the monster seen in humans popular things than bad in such as upbeat music, or cute appearance.    characters Ickis    He is the son of the legendary monster Slickis, small and red and has big ears and big feet. Ickis is often compared with a hare. Is he angry he can pump up to an enormous size, and Ickis is often angry. On the other hand, he is full of self-doubt, is very selfish and often tries to achieve its goals with tricks.    Oblina    She looks like a black and white striped candy cane and has big red lips. At the Monster Academy, she is the best student and argues constantly with Ickis, they will also give lessons about hard work and morality. Their most striking Erschreckenstaktik is to put on her inside out.    Crooked    Krumm mainly consists of a thick round head that resembles a potato. He has two short legs and keeping his eyes are not rooted on the body in his hands, or sometimes in the mouth. Krumm has a calm character and exudes satisfaction, he will be the quarrels between Oblina and Ickis sometimes too much. His most effective scare tactics is the stench of his hairy armpit.    Grummler    The Grummler is the director and main teacher of the Monster Academy, a four-legged, light blue monster with goatee. He always wears red high heels, a belt and black gloves. Gromble is often irascible and short-tempered, especially if one does not comply with a instructions on what particular Ickis often does. Gromble likes it, students who have made a mistake to expose to the class only very slowly and with satisfaction before he screams into the ground and punished.    Snorch    He is a big, clumsy monster that punished students in the academy, about the forced Dancing Square Dance or listen to human music.    Simon    Simon is a man and monster hunters. He is constantly trying to catch one of the monsters to prove their existence in the world. Most frequently he encounters Ickis.    Background A year after the US premiere took place the German premiere at the Nickelodeon.

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