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Over the years, people have been able to create truly magnificent buildings. Many of them made unique projects and their construction cost a lot of money. But by coincidence, many of them now no one needs, though considered a real asset of architecture. Some created specifically for the spoiled rich, some buildings were simply abandoned for no particular reason, and some are empty only because after a man-made disaster, they have become uninhabitable. But be that as it may, they are worthy of admiration, as they were created by real masters.All these buildings keep their own history, each of them is interesting and unique in its own way. Only now, few people remember everything that happened within their walls. But curious scientists and researchers decide that such buildings can not be left without attention, and therefore decide to study their history starting not just from the moment of construction, but from the time when only ordered a plan for their creation. However, everyone is interested to remember more about these buildings once, and they will wait until they are restored and breathe life into them, or some of them will be subject to demolition, and the rest will continue to collapse until there is one who decides to buy these lands...

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