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Conducts a careful selection of young people for the experiments. Pass to the tests, not all, but only those whose bodies are willing to take the freshest technologies that enhance all the senses and human capacity. The amplification is almost instantaneous, and the instruments themselves, contributing to this are called Lyutsifulami. Process Lyutsiful when administered into the human body, called rite, and the force in the body awakens later. However, not only the natural data improved in the subject. In the arsenal of every weapon there - a brand that, as a rule, similar to the blade. But the main characters all went wrong. Tooru Kokonoe the only person in the world, in which stigma, there was no weapon and shield. Generally, Stamp depends on mental state. For example, in the depths of Tooru I was not happy about what is happening around. He lusted revenge and desperate to defend their own relatives. Probably Lyutsiful once caught it and gave it lust. What is waiting for a young man in the future?

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