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After Felix got into a serious car accident and suffered a compound fracture of the left leg, he is confined to bed. His laptop will soon be his only window to the outside world. Through a social network, he tried to stay with his friends and his family in constant contact and not to miss anything that happens outside. He has video chat with his parents Gisela and Gerd regularly. He also remains connected to his best friend Tom, and has the courage to his old school swarm Julia to write again. Then there's the mysterious Vanessa, who has done it to Felix.    Main Characters from the Add A Friend    Felix Wagner (Ken Duken) is normally a sought-after photographer, but is confined to bed, as it starts up a car for several weeks. His best friend Tom gives him a laptop that is his only link to the outside world. For his old flame Julia he still says that, however, is in a relationship.    Tom Schrader (Friedrich Mücke) is best friend since school days Felix '. He is a successful investment banker. With his ex-wife Sylvia, he has a son, but he rarely sees. Tom is addicted to gambling and loses a lot of money in online poker.    Vanessa Jo (Emilia Schüle) is a mysterious woman who has the Felix only through the Internet connection. She contacted him on a social network, claiming it would also be a photographer.    Julia Winter (Friederike Kempter) knows Felix and Tom still out of school. For them, Felix has always raved secretly. Through the social network, the two have resumed contact with each other. However, Julia is in a relationship with Peter Danner. But between the two kriselt it for some time.

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