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plot    Adelheid Möbius (Evelyn Hamann) is secretary of a German police station. Each episode they can, to pursue against the resistance of their colleagues and superiors, a criminal case, that of the police officers of the department & # 8220; murder Zwo & # 8221; could not be resolved. This leads to a real race to the solution of the case with Adelaide's superiors Strobel (Heinz Baumann), who concealed her details of the case. This does not hold Adelheid on. By interviewed witnesses and devious uses her imagination, she gets every time before colleagues to solve the case.    Adelheid lives with her domineering mother Rosa (Gisela May) in a Hamburg old building. The son of Adelaide and her ex-husband Eugene (Gerhard Garber), Holger (Konstantin Graudus), begins a police training, but eventually emigrated to France.    In later episodes not only the constant competition between Adelaide and her boss is addressed, but also the rivalry between the two departments & # 8220; Murder One & # 8221; and & # 8220; murder Zwo & # 8221; addressed.    Additional information    The Figure of Adelheid written for Evelyn Hamann.    Evelyn Hamann had asked for a break in filming a year before her death on 28 October of 2007. The series should be left without a diploma a row.    Awards    1997 Bavarian Television Award    Best Actress in a Series: Evelyn Hamann    1997 Telestar    Best Actress / Series: Evelyn Hamann    1998 & # 8220; Honorary Commissioner of Police & # 8221 ;: Evelyn Hamann    2002 Bavarian Television Award    Best Actor in a Series: Heinz Baumann