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The city of the main characters, as well as the whole planet, was overtaken by a series of terrible catastrophes. Now in the street there is almost no safe places - the raging hurricanes, the roads are filled with flood, the walls shaking from the thunder, the heavens illumined by the meteor falls. Against all these cataclysms we get acquainted with the family of the main characters. Copeland needs to survive these natural disasters. And soon the city will begin to wander unusual creatures that have appeared as a result of the influence of cataclysms. In such circumstances, it is difficult to survive, but the head of the family Joshua with his wife Karen will make every effort to survive the consequences of the disaster and survive in battles with nature. Meanwhile, the family does not cease to raise children and life goes on. Dana-the eldest daughter of the family, it is different prudence, and always makes sound decisions, even in dangerous situations. Brianna-nee romantic, living spiritual impulses. Sometimes the girl is so upset because of failures or insults that she can not communicate with guys or relatives. The youngest son of the Matt family is an ordinary guy who loves entertainment. The family continues to think about the future, even in the midst of cataclysms.

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