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Reality show"Alaska: a family from the forest", created by the Discovery Channel, tells about the life of a rather unusual family of Browns. Once upon a time, while still very young, Billy and Amy brown decided to move to live away from other people. And now for many years, they live with their children in the forests of Alaska. Despite the fact that they are alien to most of the delights of civilization, the Browns live a busy life, and there is nothing will not exchange the gone and the nature of the bustling city. Other people they see very rarely, sometimes even not more often, than times in six months. The Browns call themselves"the wolf pack" because each of them is ready to defend the other family member without hesitation. Thanks to the project"Alaskan Bush People" viewers will be able to plunge into the world of an unusual family, and see how the Browns cope with the solution of certain problems. After all, there is no supermarket in the forest, and dinner still needs to be caught…