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  • Crime
The protagonist, Alex worked in South City Police Marseille. This place seemed to him a win-win situation, because the crime in one of the most densely populated cities in France has always been at a high level. Alex finds the work itself, but he eventually realizes that it is very tired of the constant pursuit of criminals, shootings and other life-threatening situations. The main character leaves town, filled with violence and terror. Now he works in a small mountain village, which feels great. There is rarely what happens, so the local zhandarmeya most often stands idle. Peace and harmony - that is what so long lacked South. However, soon to be the man to remember the old days, because in the city committed a terrible crime. Found the body of a man was brutally murdered. Who would have thought that this death is an unexpected way to be connected with the events of fifteen years ago that took place in Marseille. It was then that the protagonist was investigating a series of strange crimes, but now he will return to the frightening case. Who would have thought that everything will return back on track, despite the best efforts of the protagonist to escape from problems.

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