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Alex Schumann-the host of the morning radio program, which is listened to by Housewives and returning from the night shift hard workers-tired of telling a small audience all sorts of nonsense. He feels that he can give the world more than sentimental household stories, spoken in a cheerful voice on the air. To prove to the authorities and relatives their determination, the man quits his job and is actively engaged in the development of their own show. Aspiring startups suddenly find themselves faced with difficulties: he had nothing to pay for office rent, generating ideas team for all the efforts may not produce high quality results, given the high competition and over-saturation of the market, the project of a journalist is useless. Because of these circumstances, Schumann gradually begins to suspect that he made a mistake. Despite the support of his wife and children, who see his father as a successful superhero, Alex helplessly gives up. He decides on a final attempt with a picky and eccentric investor who might be interested in an original startup. In case of refusal, the hero will have only one prospect-to return to his former position with shame and forget about the creative approach to his favorite business forever.

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