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Original Title: ALF
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: NBC
Creators: Paul Fusco
Language: English
Description: The series "Revenge" is interesting for unusual mixing of soap Opera and Thriller. In the center of the story is Amanda Clarke, who resides in the city under the name of Emily Thorne. In 1993, her father was accused of a plane crash due to his professional mistake. Passengers were killed, and the pilot has to answer for what he is not to blame.rnAmanda doesn't believe her parent is guilty, but a minor girl has to go to an orphanage. Here Amanda grows up, becomes a strong and independent person. Upon reaching adulthood, the main character meets with a certain millionaire, an old friend of his father, who claims that half of his fortune belongs to Amanda.Now she has the money and the ability to sort things out. Against his father testified his Secretary, as well as the rich woman Victoria from a tiny town where the main character lived with his father. Once Victoria and unjustly accused pilot had an affair, but the relationship has to end because of the threats of the husband of a wealthy lady.rnAfter receiving evidence that these people are guilty of the unjust death of her father, the main character begins to take revenge. She wants first to remove the Secretary, and go after Victoria and her family. Slanderers do not admit their guilt, moreover, they still put the father of the main character a real criminal.rnHurting Victoria is easiest through her son Daniel, and Amanda easily seduces a guy. That's only during the wedding, the young man dies, which causes the next investigation. Victoria guesses that her failed relative is not who she claims to be. However, the feud between them is heating up because the main question: who killed Daniel, and most importantly why.there are serious passions in the city, and Amanda herself still does not know why her beloved father died. Now the girl will have to investigate even more carefully, trying not to respond to the machinations of Victoria and her endless traps.

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