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Alfred J. Kwak is different from other animated series for a similar audience by the unusually severe processing of social and political issues: Throughout the series are among other doping, Whaling, Nazism, apartheid, the Middle East conflict and poverty in the third world youth-friendly manner treated.    The main character Alfred makes throughout the series a significant change, by: He is born, loses his parents, grows up, goes to school, traveling around the world, gaining experience and finally finds a woman for life.    Frequently and people are seen corresponding to figures of the real world, as President Kra (Adolf Hitler), Kwah Wanna (Nelson Mandela) or Michael Duckson (Michael Jackson).    Owes his first name Alfred J. Kwak a friend and supporter of Herman van Veen, Alfred Biolek.    music    The music for the animated series have Herman van Veen, Harry Sacksioni and Erik van der Wurff composed. The best-known song from the series is why I am so happy, but which actually originated long before the series.

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