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  • Drama
Zacuto suffers from serious mental retardation: he 28, and the level of intelligence he's barely six year old child. Despite this, oddly enough, the guy has a job – he is a messenger in the company for the delivery of flowers. Ryuichi, co-worker poor, sends it with the next delivery to the house to Haruka Mochizuki. About the extraordinary mental state of her courier, of course, no one warned her, the girl was scared and called the police. But there was definitely something karmic about this meeting. Haruka works at the center for brain research, her group is just about to breakthrough discovery: from the experimental mouse managed to make a mouse genius. Now the cycle must continue, moreover, preferably on the person. Better candidacy than poor Sakuto, and it is difficult to wish, it is easy to convince, but no one will sue scientists if the experiment ends in failure. The guy agrees, and there's a scientific miracle, the mentally retarded turns into a genius! But this is only the beginning of the story, because the same mouse first becomes normal, and then dies.

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