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Original Title: Alice
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: CBS
Creators: Robert Getchell
Language: English
Description: The action takes place in 2149. All mankind is under the threat of ecological catastrophe. Due to overpopulation and industrial development, most plants and animals have become extinct and have completely disappeared from the face of the planet. In search of opportunities to survive, the scientists decided to look into the past. They were able to open a portal that allows you to go back eighty-five million years ago, at a time when the earth was dominated by the era of dinosaurs. There is a plan to send a group of settlers to the past in order to correct the mistakes of mankind and to rewrite history from the beginning. The first to enter the portal was Nathaniel Taylor. For four months he lived in the jungle and was able to survive. After him sent the first scientists, settlers and the military. Taylor becomes the leader of the community and new civilizations. His assistant is Guzman. However, not everyone agrees with Taylor's management policy, so Dr. Malcolm Wallace begins to oppose him. A group of settlers begins to come out of the power of the leader and tries to establish their commune. In the party of immigrants at number ten gets Shannon family. Jim, the head of the family is a police officer who went to prison for fighting with another officer. Elizabeth is his wife, a talented surgeon. They faded feelings for each other, but they get to "Terra Nova" together, in order to start all over again for the sake of their children – seventeen-year-old Josh, fifteen-year-old Maddie, and five-year-old Zoe. The eldest son begins to miss his beloved friend, who was not able to go after them, but after a time he meets a beautiful orphan Skye. Maddie has a glimmer of hope to find happiness in the new circumstances. At first, the Shannons are happy to be in Terra Nova. However, pretty soon it turns out that it is far to Paradise. First, the colony is attacked by a pack of pterosaurs, and then the inhabitants are infected with a mysterious virus that leads to paranoia, memory loss and death.

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