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Documentary mini-series of British and American production by Julian Jones and Michael Davis.For many decades, scientists have been studying the galaxy and outer space, trying as much as possible to study the planets of the solar system and finally find out whether there are other forms of life that are more highly developed creatures. After all, surely in such a boundless space there is a place not only for earthly humanity, but also for other living objects. Hollywood movies and science fiction artists portrayed aliens in different ways, but all these fictional fantasy alien images have almost nothing to do with the arguments and thoughts of scientists. The heroes of this documentary story will try to characterize not only the approximate appearance of space aliens, but also to understand exactly where they live. What is actually an alien race, and what can we expect in the case of establishing contact with extraterrestrial life forms? The filmmakers will try to give an exhaustive answer to these and many other questions. Sarah Seeger began her studies by searching for planets similar to ours, comparing the atmosphere and the average temperature. She believes, that among countless number of certainly there is planet, which on conditions life better position not worse, than Earth. The search will be very long and painstaking, because not all space objects are open, and some of them the distance reaches twenty light years.

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