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Vince is one of the best divorce lawyers. He is able to beat any case so that his client will win. At the same time, the hero is a hardened bachelor and a real womanizer, who can reach almost any girl. He used to win everywhere and in everything, and he manages to literally everything he takes. But one day in a bar where he used to have fun with his friends, there is a pretty girl named Jane. She not only turns out to be too tough for him, but also turns the familiar world upside down. Vince's standard techniques of seducing beauties do not work, and the girl at all mocks his pathetic attempts to achieve her location.After another failure Jane hero offers her a bet, which he also loses. Soon, the young people are making a new argument, and the winner again it goes the weaker sex. Vince loses to the girl in everything: in Billiards, bowling, pistol shooting and even in Board games. His self-esteem drops sharply, and he can not come up with a bet in which he can take Jane's victory. Despite all the defeats, he does not lose hope to achieve a girl who was not like everyone else. Will Vince be able to admit to himself that maybe for the first time in his life he fell in love for real?

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