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Many years ago, the mayor of a small town red pines experienced terrible grief-three of her children went for a walk, but only two returned home. The younger son Adam strayed from brother and sister, disappearing in an unknown direction. The police started an investigation, but the child's body was never found. Despite this, the neighbor Claire Warren - the grieving mother - the police accused of the murder, justifying it by the close of circumstantial evidence. The case was closed, and the suspect man was convicted for life, although he never admitted his guilt. After the tragedy, Claire's career confidently crept up-she was repeatedly re-elected as mayor. "Won" the officer Nina Mayer, which was then promoted to detective thanks to another expanded state. The main events of the series unfold in our time, when Claire Warren decides to retire from the mayor's career to run for Governor of the state. At this very moment, her family is experiencing another shock-suddenly a young man appears in the city, who says that he is the same missing Adam. His words do not inspire anyone's confidence, but DNA examination to confirm. Unfairly convicted criminal is released, and the boy settles in his home. The unexpected return of her son becomes another trump card for miss Warren's election program. But not everyone is inclined to believe in "happy endings" - Adam's older brother decides to personally make sure that his relative returned home, and not some fraud.