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As with most action comedy series usual will not pursue a continuous story arc in all Atze. The focus of the series, the discussion of the regulars in Atzes Kiosk in Essen-Kray & # 8211 are; often from the fact the motives of the characters who set the respective action in motion develop. Another important issue is Atzes living with his girlfriend Bee, his relationship with his employees and his problems with everyday life.    Main Characters Atze Schröder is the eponymous protagonist of the series. His dress is his trademark: He wears tinted aviator glasses, a Minpli hairstyle, tight jeans and colorful T-shirts. He lives with bee in a relationship. Atze runs a kiosk in Essen-Kray. He is extremely confident and is never at a loss for a brisk or salacious saying. It is characterized by less diligence as if by profit on the path of least resistance. His Turkish employees Murat treated partial arrogant, some amicable.    Sabine "Bee" Dreher is the girlfriend of Atze. It is characterized by great warmth, but also a certain degree of naivety from. All the time she is with her boyfriend in relationship issues in dispute. Their simplicity is seen as the main reason for this is that while regularly taking on new jobs, are unemployed at the end of geweiligen result due to excessive demand, however.    Murat Günaydin works in Atzes stand as a temp. While the regulars chatting most of the time with Atze, Murat is the only that really seems to work a little. Often he must reckon with the ridicule of others, but thanks to his bright mind and his quick wit, he can not be beaten.    Viktor Schimanek is a policeman and one of the regulars at Atzes newsstands. Although government works for father, he takes it not as accurate with law, order and discipline. As he often discussed for hours in the kiosk with Atze and the other guests, the impression that he does not fulfill his duties as police officers at all arises.    Harry Moeller is one of the regulars at Atzes newsstands. He works as a driver drinks and recreational bodybuilders & # 8211; Therefore, Harry has an impressive appearance as a muscleman. However, confirm in his person many prejudices against such a force man: He is not very intelligent and knows no sense of responsibility, it is constantly behind the women here and his girlfriend unfaithful.    Richard "Pläte" Platt man is the owner of Atze. Regularly comes & # 8220; Opa Plätte & # 8221; begins in the kiosk and contending with Atze. Sometimes he reacts choleric; often he makes jokes about women and minorities.    Background information Alles Atze was produced by RTL 1999-2006. The first episode aired on January 7 2000th    The series has won several awards: 2000 got Atze Schröder the German Comedy Award as best comedy act. In 2003, he again received the same price, this time for Best Actor. In the same year all Atze for best sitcom was nominated for the award of the German Television Award and two years later all Atze was awarded the German Comedy Award for Best Comedy Series.

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