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  • Genres:
  • Fantasy
  • Drama
  • Action
  • Crime
  • Science Fiction
In the near future, robotics has developed to an unprecedented scale. Scientists have made a huge discovery, learning to create androids, endowed with inhuman strength and agility. Soon perfect robots joined the ranks of ordinary police, standing up for the protection of ordinary citizens. Someone John Kennex, an ordinary policeman, was fatally wounded. Waking up from a coma, our hero did not believe his eyes, because now he is partially Android. The lost leg was replaced with a prosthesis, which is in no way inferior to the limbs of flesh and blood. The main character will have to put up not only with the robotic leg, but also with gaps in memory.
John Kennex hates robots. A few years ago, a guy lost a partner on a mission. The Android who was nearby just refused to help him. Now the man's partner should be one of the robots, which has the so-called "synthetic" psyche. Representatives of this series were thought as beings, as close as possible to the person, so they are able not only to think, but also to feel. The police officer and his new partner will have to find a common language and even make friends in the eternal pursuit of dangerous criminals.

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