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American series, filmed in the documentary genre. It was directed by Valerie Laleuf. Starring Dustin Feher and Alan Kay. What are you willing to do to get$500,000? In this project you will learn how far people who are eager to win are able to go. Ten people go to the island. Each participant gets to different areas, each of them was given a standard set for survival: clothing, first aid kit, equipment. There is an element of reality show here, because the guys have a video camera to record all their adventures, experiences and emotions. Is it possible to survive in such wild conditions? They will have to get their own food, find a safe night, try to survive and not become a dinner for predators. Each participant performs the task all alone. If a person wants to go the distance, you can use a satellite phone to communicate with rescuers. The winner can be only one! Everyone who participated in this competition was aware that the competition is unlimited in time. Imagine that you would have to survive in such conditions for a year! Every hero is in danger. It's an endurance test. Who will win: nature or man? The guys get to the cold Northern island, which will not seem like a Paradise - insects, animals, bad weather, hunger, lack of living conditions and much more will prevent the heroes from coming to victory. Which of the applicants will win the main prize? Interesting? Then watch the documentary project of History channel. By the way, the participants do not even know each other in person.

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