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This show is not like all the others, but because everything that you see will seem much more interesting than all the others. No one knows, that on fact in the next minute's gonna throw a leading. There are six participants on the stage, five of whom do not even know that the winner is already predetermined. No one even knows what's really going on on stage. In addition, there are three judges who are not clear why they are on the stage, because in fact their decision does not affect anything. Only with time it becomes clear that they are here to become part of the project and do not play any important role. you can understand Exactly what is happening on stage only after you look at it from the outside. The scripts are prepared in an incredible way, the show itself keeps in intrigue until the very end. However, as a matter of fact, Rob thinks through his entire scenario, as it turns out to deceive all the other participants, who until the last believe that they will undoubtedly win this project and do not even realize that they have no chance. Who is constantly the most predetermined winner and why it is decided to choose for this role? What's so amazing about this man?

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