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A British documentary television series created for educational purposes. The main host of this TV project is Bruce Perry. This traveler and a very brave man, known far beyond the UK, this time decides to go on a dangerous and exciting trip to the Amazon. The journey begins from the source of this great river, located in the ancient Andes mountains, and descends along this great water to the Atlantic ocean, to the mouth. The viewer will be able to get acquainted with the unique natural environment of the Amazon, characterized by complexity and volatility. And if earlier the banks of the river were completely covered with impassable forests, which are the"lungs" of our planet, over time, these places have become the subject of increased interest of many entrepreneurs, as wood can make a lot of money. They are in pursuit of profit, in addition to logging, engaged not only in cutting down trees for this material, but also cut down places filled with soybean plantations. As a result, about 20% of the Amazon ecosystem was destroyed. On the banks of the river for centuries lived native tribes, but because of the environmental disaster of their lives, culture and traditions under threat. Travelers stay with tropical tribes, all their way was more than 10 thousand kilometers on water, air and even on foot. This documentary television series allows you to look at the other side of the earth and the eyes of the creators of the picture to see the beauty and problems of this land.

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