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In this enigmatic television series the intertwined destinies of three very different, different from each other heroes. In real life, such a trio is unlikely to meet. But their destinies are linked through a cause of international importance, and it can be considered a matter of utmost responsibility and even danger. One of the heroes of the American film "American Odyssey" - beaten by the fate of soldiers, a former military officer, whose fate is on the verge of total collapse. The second character-an employee of a large law Corporation, who hates the case, which is engaged in, the spirit does not tolerate the principles of the system on which everything is built, but is forced to work there to ensure a decent existence. The last participant of the unusual trio and the third heroine of the TV series is a social and political activist with a bold temper and an innate sense of justice. Together, the characters are drawn into a matter of utmost political importance and their adventures are just beginning.

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