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The authors of the documentary"ancient aliens" (Ancient Aliens) make viewers think about other civilizations. There is an assumption that in ancient times aliens visited our planet. This is indicated by a variety of archaeological finds, research and legends. Erich von deniken, who released his work"Chariots of the gods" in 1968, presented to the public the theory of"ancient aliens". It changed people's worldview and perception of the progress of human society. Until now, the theory excites the minds of people, and there is no real evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. How can you explain the strange ancient drawings, which depict strange creatures? And the legends passed down from generation to generation about meeting aliens? There are many archaeological artifacts proving that humans are not alone intelligent beings in the universe. Believe in aliens or not everyone's business, but the film"Ancient aliens" is worth seeing at least to expand horizons. It contains a large number of interesting facts that can turn the idea of the ancient world.