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Documentary and research television project from BBC and National Geograthic, which will be the perfect gift for art critics, travelers and curious viewers. This is a unique series of programs from English and American creators led by Mike Ibeci, shedding light on the secrets and mysteries of the oldest buildings and the largest structures ever built by mankind.For us, a detailed excursion is carried out, telling the true story of the buildings of the past centuries. In the days of our ancestors, when technical progress was not yet developed, and machines and other auxiliary construction devices were absent, the most majestic objects of the world cultural heritage were built with incredible and unthinkable efforts. The Colosseum in Rome, the pyramids of Giza, the Alhambra fortress, the Chartres Cathedral and the Church of Hagia Sophia still amaze with their powerful and unshakable beauty. At the same time, the demonstration of each wonder of the world is accompanied by comments about historical events. With the use of the latest computer graphics, we learn in detail how and under what circumstances was created this or that masterpiece of ancient architectural architecture. Looking at all these unthinkable and gigantic structures, you do not suspect that all this majestic beauty hides human tragedies and victims, as well as the hardships and obstacles faced by the builders.

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