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Six-part documentary television film on the wonderful continent called South America. Having a large length from North to South, the South American continent combines a large number of climatic zones: subequatorial, Equatorial, tropical, subtropical and temperate. In addition, the Western part of the continent stretches the world's longest mountain system of the Andes, famous for a large number of active volcanoes. Do not forget about the largest in its area of the Amazon river basin, which is the habitat of a huge number of exotic flora and fauna, nowhere else. In the same place stretches the world's largest rainforest, amazing abundance of plant species, for example, palm trees there are more than 800 species. The real contrast of the life-infested Amazon jungle is the Atacama desert, which is considered the most arid desert of the Earth. It seems incredible that precipitation in some parts of this desert area falls only once every few decades. No less interesting regions are also numerous plains and plateaus, adding to the rich natural world of South America's own unique specimens of animals and plants.

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