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Animated series Animalia will introduce viewers to an amazing country, whose inhabitants are unusual creatures. These are animals that are able to communicate quite freely in the human language. A boy named Alex accidentally becomes the culprit of the accident that happened to Zoe. He really didn't want to hurt her. However, furious Zoe is not going to let him go just like that. She wants to somehow punish the offender. Zoe follows Alex relentlessly, demanding compensation for the damage and loss caused. The poor boy, trying to escape from the annoying girl, goes into a secret passage, located in the rack.Zoe, persistently following Alex, also sneaks into a mysterious hole and finds himself in a magical land inhabited by eccentric animals. After meeting with them, the boys unwittingly become perpetrators of great events. Alarmed animals, never before met with ordinary people, decided that this is the real invaders who attacked their country. They urgently collect an emergency meeting, where they begin to plan the course of the upcoming operation to destroy unknown enemies.

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