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New York is a huge, crowded and colorful American city. There are enough representatives of almost all nationalities living now on the planet. However, people do not realize that there is life hidden from the human eye and understanding. We are talking about animals, which the human race prejudiced attributed to the number of"smaller brothers". These beings (according to people) are unable to talk, and are endowed with only primitive instincts. The reality is different. Animals are able to feel, love, hate, admire, envy, be undoubted leaders and outright losers. Watching the group of horses, actively discussing the success of his tribesmen and the bad hides the feelings of anger and envy, involuntarily, an analogy with individual representatives of two-legged creatures. This similarity is further enhanced after meeting three rats who decided to have fun at a party in the city subway. Pigeons tormented by the question own gender, and this moment they try to hide from the prying of others too. Two bedbugs, whose clothes have long been asked to wash, actively discussing the crisis of middle age. Involuntarily there is an impression that something similar already somewhere was.

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