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How differently might have been the fate of twin brothers. In spite of the resemblance brothers are opposites in character and outlook as a pole of the magnet, but this does not prevent them feel and understand each other in spite of everything, even death ... Great Patriotic War abruptly changed the fate of the Soviet people, having a clear line - the border that divided the life before the war and after. 1942. Twins Peter and Paul Istomin (Yevgeny Mironov) As fate had been separated for many years. Paul, a village teacher of mathematics, serving a term on Solovki, he is an enemy of the people. Peter, the thief-recidivist, having authority in the criminal environment is noble thief profession - safecracker and a rich criminal past, moreover, it was a good training in the Abwehr intelligence school. However, these skills do not help saboteur and zabroske Soviet territory, Peter gets into the hands of the NKVD. Trying to pereverbovyvat agent led to his death, he was killed during his escape. Operation on the verge of collapse, quite by accident NKVD Khromov (Nikolai Fomenko) learns of the existence of twin brother of Perth - Paul Istomin. After weighing all the pros and cons Khromov decided on an adventure - to give Paul of Perth. But it was not easy, despite the resemblance brothers were completely different personalities: Peter - a predator, a soldier, Paul - a timid, shy teacher. As soon as possible Paul to master not only the intricacies of espionage, but also thieves professions. From its success depends not only on the success of the task, but also the well-being of his family.

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