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  • Genres:
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The future of our planet is not as rosy as it might seem at first. More than half of the population died due to various disasters. Comes in Angels Shadows, winged creatures, which seemed to have been destroyed twelve thousand years ago. Now they have returned to the world to take revenge on the people for their extermination. It would seem that their main task - to finish off the human race. The main enemies of the people and raised the depths of the seas incredible war machines, which are now threatening all life on Earth. Fewer and fewer and fewer people in the world, because to fight with a huge robot is simply impossible. However, both parties expect the militants came to earth Solar Wing - the so-called reincarnation Apoloniusa angel who had the top Oshel against the Dark Angels. That he is able to return to life and mankind in order to protect from the wrath of the enemy. But what choice do it this time?

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