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We Tires — a nice young man, and in combination, and the head of a very famous company. He always sought only to do everything for the development of his company and live a quiet life, which he had only dreamed of. Of course, the man was not deprived of the attention of the girls and due to the fact that he was able to achieve a lot, he had a lot of enemies. All of a sudden he gets into a terrible car accident and then falls into a coma and no one can really tell when the guy comes to. This very strongly worries his mother again, which understands that enemy not will sit on their hands and sooner or later starts to act, that will lead to not very pleasant consequences. to avoid this, a woman creates an Android that is exactly like her son and he will have to replace it for a while. The idea seems perfect to her, because in this way no one can hurt his son, because no one will be sure that he is not in front of him, and Android. But in order to succeed she has to hire a bodyguard for him. And for this was taken the girl who performed her duties perfectly. However, what awaits everyone and how will others react when they find out that in fact with them all this time was an Android? And how to react to all the woman's son, when he comes to?

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