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Who would have thought that the police would be powerless against the Japanese criminals! Those insolent so that they can arrange round-up day for all to see! That is why to the investigation detectives involved with weapons or, as they are called here, Buthe. Such hunters are preparing for a long time in the future during special shkolah.Za Buthe training lessons are harsh survival. Some tests are not osilivayut. The bandits also, knowing that they would soon skiff, trying to kill the enemy in the bud. That is why the school has students from an early age are weapons of war, to be ready to fight day and night! Not everyone is ready to such harsh conditions, especially Kinji Toyama, who has already lost a brother, because he decided to transfer to a simple school. However, along the way he encountered a robot-killer, and a strange natural phenomenon, like a little man with two red tails. This phenomenon imagined - Aria Kanzaki! She dealt with the robot! Soon, however, these killers arrived very, very much! Kinji realized that one of Aria not cope, so I decided to take their fate into their own hands! In the struggle with the robots helps Toyama split personality. It is a girl be in danger, so he immediately out of the doldrums Man turns into a superhero! After these quirks about leaving the school, you can forget. The poor guy realized that you have to take up arms and fight to the last. Aria same guy announces his disciple and begins to struggle with thieves and robbers!

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