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For thirty years, ash lived relatively quietly. After repeated battles with the representatives of the other world, the hero of the series "ash vs. evil dead" has decided to retire. At the same time, he knew perfectly well that he had not won the final victory over evil, but he simply did not have the strength to fight. However, even after three decades, the monsters were able to find the main character and drew him into another fight. For the finale the last part of the ash effectively destroyed all the enemies and returned to a regular existence. In his hometown, the man decided to open a nightclub, completely immersed in the organization of sexual entertainment. Pablo and Kelly also do not miss – he delivers tacos and she got a job as a bouncer at a bar. But, as always happens, calm heroes comes to an end. Necronomicon was found again. The book fell into the hands of an unsuspecting girl who gave it to the appraiser of artifacts. To everyone's misfortune, he read a few ominous lines, which led to the emergence of new monsters in our world. Ash has to leave the nightclub for a while and start fighting monsters. Among the new adventures waiting for him and more unexpected acquaintances: in the first series of a man to meet his daughter.

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