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The Ishmon family could not settle down in their homeland. They thought for a long time about how they could move to a quieter place and chose London as such, where they were sure that they would undoubtedly be able to find everything that they could not find at home. For a long time they had to adapt to a new life. But soon they manage to finally find harmony, get housing, get a profitable job and get all the privileges that could only help them become the same as all the other residents. The family was happy about that, but even could not imagine that it is not long they have to live such a life. the Fact that quite unexpectedly comes to them a relative who is not adapted to life in such a city, and in this country. He behaves very wildly and does not even try to understand that in these parts such behavior is wild and unacceptable. And relatives absolutely nothing you can say to him, as he is the brother of the head of the family and it makes to delay a serious conversation on the back burner. But at some point they realize that if they continue to pull, then most likely they will simply have to accept the fact that everything that they have built for so long was destroyed, and they do not want to allow it.