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A documentary film commissioned by the BBC directed by Andrew Murray. A brave team of adventurers goes on a difficult and dangerous expedition across the Atlantic ocean. For many millennia, mankind has tried to conquer this element. But still none of the scientists could not dive deep enough to uncover all the mysteries of the dangerous world of the pond – the Atlantic. Constant winds and storms did not allow the sailors to properly explore the amazing underwater world of this mysterious place. But a team of brave researchers especially for the BBC decided on the most important adventure of their lives! And the viewer can see all the beauty of the underwater world. The Atlantic is able to present the most real surprises, because only here volcanoes can erupt directly from under the water, and the most powerful currents make even the most equipped and prepared vessels sometimes get lost and drown in their depths. But the ecosystem of this mysterious place is truly unique – there are no such species of fish, plants and other inhabitants of the depths in any other place on the planet. To explore all the mysteries and mysteries of the underwater depths will need at least a thousand years, but some conclusions can be drawn now. With the latest high-end equipment, scientists are immersed in depth and show us the unique footage of the underwater world of the Atlantic ocean. This you have not seen! After all, there really has not been a single detailed study. Some findings are shocking even to the most eminent oceanographers!

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