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People have long been at war with the titans – creatures deprived of intelligence. Outwardly, they do not differ from the average person, except that their size. The only thing I do these giants eat humans, savoring at the same time. From the outside it was like a horror movie about a zombie Apocalypse. Of course, the population was shrinking at the speed of light, because it was extremely difficult to resist these huge monsters. However, the survivors were still, and thanks to their coherence, they were able to defend themselves by erecting three giant walls through which the monsters could not pass. it would Seem that peace and tranquility reigned. Only now the life of the people became like bestial, because they are trapped in a makeshift stall. Groups of scouts are being created to ensure that the giants do not break through the defenses. Their ranks more than anything wants to get Eren. And he did manage to make the dream come true. Here only to rejoice there was nothing, because one wall appeared a hole made by the monster. The war begins anew. New information about the third season of an anime about titans, tells us that everything that happened to the people in all this, blame the father arena, which manages the brutish Titan, which in turn sends the titans to the people.

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