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Fresh youth series"Austin and Ellie" is a crazy cocktail of humor, drive and music. The creative Duo of the main characters, ambitious singer Austin and gentle composer Ellie, allows you to create powerful hits, but the process of interaction between colleagues is not idealistic. Sociable artist feels pleasure from appearing in public, and his creative friend is forced to be limited exclusively to writing texts because of the banal fear to go on stage. Fear, almost a phobia, puts obstacles, although the girl knows how to sing and to skillfully play the piano. Supporting best friends, Des and trish, not deprived of talents and energy, also tend to join a couple of gifted friends. After a random placement of the track on the network, the guys fall in popularity, which they are happy, but not quite ready for it. Tours, travel, plans - while the attention of the audience in love is focused only on the guy, but the format of the group should change in the near future. Communication of the musician and the composer takes place in a dense working key, bringing together heroes, and pushes teenagers to closer communication. All performed songs do not resemble children's"skit": sitcom star Ross Lynch (Austin) — a real artist, playing in a rock band R5, which appeals to a young audience.

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