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Original Title: Austin City Limits
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Channel: PBS
Creators: Bill Arhos
Language: English
Description: Here is a movie version of one of the Most famous disney cartoons. The story takes us back to the fairy-tale world, telling about the adventures of the girl Belle. The selfish Prince Adam lived by his own laws and treated his servants rather rudely. Even after visiting the castle, the sorceress was not awarded the attention and politeness. For such behavior the witch turns the Prince into a beast. The enchantment ends, when his life appears true love. With Adam's bad temper and intimidating appearance, it will be difficult to find a loved one, especially since there is little time left. Finally, when the curse had already begun to work, the sorceress gave the Prince a rose and warned that the last petal that fell would deprive him of the opportunity to become a man. Now in a castle are enchanted servant, and man in guise of an animal. Nearby in one village there lived a family. His father was forced to go to work, and to arrive at the fair until the morning, he had to Wade through the woods at night. Daughter Belle to let my dad go, I am very worried for him. On the way, Maurice turned the wrong way and got into an unfamiliar area. The hero of the film "Beauty and the beast" saw a frightening castle and went inside, because at night it is dangerous to stay in the woods. Maurice found the monster, and the enchanted Adam was angry at the intruder and made him his prisoner. Time passes, Belle, without waiting for the return of his father, sent to look for him.

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John Legend & The Roots: Wake Up!

Release date: 07/11/2020
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