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Would you like to know how, in fact, life was born on the territory of modern Australia? We all know that a few billion years ago the Earth was completely unsuitable for human existence, but after a certain period of time, the atmosphere was formed, and the continents took places that are still displayed on the globe.Our planet was born as a result of a powerful cosmic phenomenon, and the first inhabitants were the simplest organisms. Microbes and atoms evolved to form the first mammals, and amphibians, which previously lived only in water, came to land and grew limbs.In the presented picture creators and documentary filmmakers collected only the proved evidences and the facts which are capable to give answers to burning questions. The history of the Cradle of Humanity has a huge number of years (on earth) and literally every year there are any significant events that are of interest to ordinary people. Would you like to observe the process of development of Australian life with your own eyes? Then, make yourself comfortable, we are going on an exciting journey with Richard Smith!

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