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The focus of the plot is the public prosecutor, who had worked as a reporter. Cha In Hyuk - a young man who grew up with full security from parents. However, his life and his family were soon destroyed by outside forces. His father died in an accident, which many still consider the bases, and his mother after this sad event could not go on living, committed suicide. The main character in later years will try to find out what really happened many years ago and that was the cause of the death of loved ones. It overlooks the mysterious conglomerate that is the main cause of death of loved ones. Man begins his own investigation to finally learn the truth about the past. His world is turned when he finds out that the sad events of the past can be guilty of the people who always seemed to him a friend. They can be trusted, but in life can happen, anything. The main hero starts the battle for truth and justice, but a meeting with a young actress Han Jeong Won once and forever change his conception of life. It seems the feeling it now, but the main character is married, and in the relationship is not with the best person who can be involved in the troubles of the past have Hoka Cha.