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  • Genres:
  • Animation
Channel: CBS
Language: English
Description: In a fairy-tale realm from a poor woman born beautiful daughter who was named Elora. She was destined great destiny, according to which the girl will win evil sorceress Bavmordu many years to keep everyone at bay. Young mother understands that her child is in danger, so sends a baby in a basket on the river, hoping that it will get in good and caring hands, which will grow and at the right moment will rise up against the witch. Villain learned about the birth of the future death and sent his daughter Sorshu - beautiful warrior - and ruthless General Kyle so that they found and killed the child. Meanwhile defenseless Elora was in a small village nelvinov - small, but at the same time, very kind people. Baby got into the hands of a novice magician Willow, after all his children had found the child on the bank of the river, and brought to his father. At first, he hated the baby, but soon was filled with compassion for her. Magician decided to save an innocent child and carried her to the castle of Tir-a-Slynn, where it will be able to protect the brave king and his entourage. In the difficult journey Willow decided to help Madmartigan, as well as two goblins Frendzhin and Roel. They decide that they will be able to maintain good fairy Raziel, but it turned out that she is on the distant island in the form of an animal, which it turned Bavmorda. Heroes do not intend to give up, and be sure to save Raziel, to reinforce their strength. Will the they contribute to the fulfillment of prophecy, written centuries ago?

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