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Events fascinating fantastic animated series takes us into the distant future. 9009, the Solar system. Over the past millennia, everything has changed here. First, people are no longer the only inhabitants of the planets. A few thousand years ago successfully conducted the first contact with the aliens, after which it turned out that in the vast space there are a huge number of forms of life. Secondly, along with humans and aliens live intelligent androids with the same rights. Mankind is led by the wise ruler of Crazar, who created the game Rollerball, thanks to which it was possible to find a way out for the aggression peculiar to representatives of any race. The game is a sports competition with a live ball. There are two teams of 7 players each, who have to fight for the right to possess the opponent's ball on the field. The peculiarity of the event is that during the game you can kill enemies with impunity. A huge leap in bioengineering allows you to resurrect all the dead players immediately after the competition. The main heroine of the series "Lords of the ball: 9009" becomes known throughout the Universe GAZ Digsy, which ironically had to become a member of the team of desperate losers.

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